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Our Story

Harvesting the benefits of nature—safely

We believe that many of the most beneficial substances for human health can be found in nature. Back in 2019, we were excited by the potential health benefits of CBD oil products made from the industrial hemp plant—a natural product, cultivated for centuries for its many beneficial uses.

Our team has combined experience in pharmaceuticals and food grade processing, personal dedication to quality and safety. With the rising demand of CBD oil in the marketplace, we saw an enormous opportunity. The idea for New Spectrum Labs was born—a company dedicated to providing the very finest natural CBD products available. We use advanced, safe, CO2 extraction to produce 100% full spectrum hemp oil, free of any toxins.

Today our products include Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract, Pain-Relieving Balm, Miraculo-37 (a skin recovery cream), Replenishing Lip Balm, and Bio-Fulmate™ (a nutritional supplement).

One more note—many products out there are labeled in a misleading manner. We’re proud to tell the truth when it comes to our ingredients. I invite you to check out our site and see what we’ve been up to.

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